3m Polish Products

Masking Tape 3M 09376 Machine Polish
Particularly effective on dark colours, rapidly producing a just painted finish while removing haze and compounding swirl marks.                                                                                                       Read More


Masking Tape 3M 09375 Fine Compound
3M Perfect-it III Fine Compound is the ideal product for use on any fresh automotive paint to remove blend lines and fine grade flatting scratches. Read More


Masking Tape 3M 09018A Metal Restorer & Polish
Developed for marine specific metal polishing applications this product removes oxidation rust and tarnish                                   Read More


Masking Tape 3M 09639 Polish Finishing Material
3M Finesse-it Finishing Material Light cut polish.  Great for using after compounding with fast cut, G3, T-Cut etc.                                                                                              Read More


Masking Tape 3M 05990 Hand Glaze
Recommended for use by hand to increase surface gloss and to clean up spatter or residue after machine polishing                                                                                                       Read More



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