Yacht Paints and Varnishes

If you need some deck paint or to paint your bilges you will find what you require on our shelves. We have a selection of single and two component topcoats and all the compatible primers and allied products to ensure that you get your job just as you want it.

And if the project in hand is of a more extensive nature talk to Dockshop. With the full selection of Awlgrip preparation products in stock any project can be commenced from stock. For planning full paint jobs please talk to us. With our global and industry wide associations we are able to deliver the product you require when you require it and at commercially acceptable cost.

For varnishes you are spoilt for choice. Seajet have superb single and two component products. Epifanes is stocked in depth with all ranges on the shelves. You can find Awlgrip and International varnishes and solvents.

Again all the preparation application and protection requirements can be supplied. We have a full selection of brushes from Anza, Badger, Omega and Beta. Mixing pots, blue tape, cleaning and solvents, everything you need.

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