Yacht Cleaning and Maintenance

We have what you need at Dockshop.

The maintenance of any yacht is made much easier and more effective with the use of the correct products and tools. In addition to the specialist maintenance products for the protection and cleaning of teak decks (Teak Decking Systems) or specialist painted surfaces, (Awlgrip, Epifanes) at Dockshop we have the most comprehensive selection of cleaning and surface protection products available in Malta.

The Deckmate system of brushes, mops and handles is a must for every yacht owner. Now you can enjoy the flexibility a brush system gives without the high costs charged for other well known ranges. K2R, Rainoff, Museum Wax, Ferronet are only  some of the other internationally known products available in Malta at Dockshop.

But what about your gelsoat and painted surfaces.

The Maltese summer climate is tough for the gelcoat and painted surfaces of yachts. Year after year we treat the surfaces of our prized yachts with cutting agents and waxes only to have the resulting surface lose its lustre again after a few months. And every year it gets worse.

But there is an answer. One of the most important developments in boat care for a generation!

p3 Surface Care

The p3 Surface Care System has been developed specifically for the marine environment by Pinmar of Spain who are the global leaders in yacht painting and surface treatments. Development has taken years but now we have a process that with a once yearly application will ensure that your surfaces stay with a high gloss durable finish for the entire season..

The application process involved is very similar to that that we have been used to but the materials have been developed for long life even in the harshest environment. Following cleaning and surface preparation and repair a liquid coat of special nylon is applied which cures tight to the surface.

The process can be applied by any of the marine polishers already operating in Malta and at all the major yards or with anyone with the ability to use polishing equipment. Costs are comparable to older processes.

Also available at Dockshop are all ranges marine products necessary for the upkeep of your prized yacht. Whether it be  antifouls, primers, marine paints, sealers, teak cleaners, cleaning systems. Dockshop will have it. 

Watch the Dockshop news for an announcement soon of more great products 

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