Teak Decks

If you are fortunate to have a teak deck fitted to your yacht you will certainly wish to ensure that you maintain it as effectively as possible. A well constructed teak deck can give years of service but can also be destroyed in a single season.

DockShop represent Teak Decking Systems (TDS) in Malta. TDS are the world leader in prefabricating teak decks for yachts and cruise ships.

In constant search for ways to improve the quality and reliability of teak decks, TDS developed its own seam compound, SIS 440 Teak Deck Caulking, and special 1:1 epoxy adhesives for bonding the teak to the vessel's sub decks. For the fitter and owner alike there are real benefits in fitting time, cost and durability within the TDS system.

But once fitted how do you maintain your deck? On our shelves you will find the most extensive range of deck cleaners. Conscious of the environment and port regulations we have high strength non acid cleaners that will not attack the wood or adjacent paint.

We also have the products of Snappy, Teak Wonder and International. All other brands can be ordered.


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