Teak Decks-Maintenance

TDS ECO-100 Teak Cleaner Powder is a NEW high performance, concentrated teak cleaner. Read More


TCL-200 is a specially-formulated cleaner that is effective for both light and heavy cleaning in a ready-to-use form.. Read More


Teak Cleaner Powder is a specially-formulated cleaner that can be mixed at various concentrations to be effective for both light and heavy cleaning,  Read More


Masking Tape Awlgrip Awlwash Cleaning Products
Click on Read More to view our range of Awlgrip Awlwash cleaning products. Read More


Masking Tape International Teak Oil
Penetrates even damp wood to protect and enhance.                                   Read More


Masking Tape International Teak Restorer
Cleans and restores, brining back the natural colour of Teak and other hardwoods. Read More


Masking Tape Snappy Teak NU Products
2-part teak cleaning system. An easy and affordable way to recondition your teak Read More


Masking Tape Teak Wonder Products
Teak Wonder has been marketed since 1973. It has gained a prominent position both in the United States and Europe where its qualities have not only been confirmed by the success decreed by users, but also the tests that have been carried out by independent magazines such as American Practical Sailor. Read More


Masking Tape Deckmate Products
This professional cleaning line is ideal for the everyday user. Deck Mate is a very simple and effective system that combines a telescoping pole and a variety of attachments Read More


Hull Cleaner AGlaze Hull Cleaner
A heavy duty cleaner to be used on the hull of the vessel or on stubborn marks on walk ways.  Read More


AGlaze Teak Sealer AGlaze Teak Sealer
 A natural coloured teak sealer 500mle.                                        Read More


AGlaze Canvas Canopy Cleaner AGlaze Canvas Canopy Cleaner
Our Canvas canopy cleaner removes marks and stains from canopies.        Read More


AGlaze Fabric Protector AGlaze Fabric Protector
Our Fabric Protector can be sprayed onto carpets, fabric seating, fabric sun lounger cushions and rugs to protect against spillages and reduce permanent staining                                                                           Read More


AGlaze Fender Kit AGlaze Fender Kit
Removes black marks from white fenders using our fender restorer and seals the fender using our dinghy sealant to reduce staining.                                            Read More


AGlaze PVC Restorer AGlaze PVC Restorer
PVC Restorer is ideal for plastic awnings as it makes the PVC windows look new again.                                             Read More


AGlaze Metal & Aluminium Polish AGlaze Metal & Aluminium Polish
Cleans and polishes stainless steel and aluminium to natural brilliance leaving a long lasting shine and protection to metals and stainless steel. Read More


AGlaze Air Purifier AGlaze Air Purifier 
The A Glaze Air Purifier is a one shot aerosol deodoriser and sanitiser.                               Read More


AGlaze Leather & Vinyl Protector AGlaze Leather & Vinyl Protector
Leather & vynil protector creates an invisible barrier reducing staining from spillages Read More


Rib & Dinghy Kit AGlaze Rib & Dinghy Kit
Ideal for cleaning and maintaining hyperlon dinghies and ribs stopping dirt and grime from re - staining.                                                                       Read More


AGlaze Stainless steel sealant AGlaze Stainless steel sealant
AGlaze Stainless steal sealing will seal all railings, stainless staircases, cleats and interior stainless steel.                                         Read More


AGlaze Non Slip Deck Cleaner AGlaze Non Slip Deck Cleaner
This product is used for cleaning all walkway surfaces such as diamond pattern deck mouldings.                                            Read More


Marine Kit AGlaze Marine Kit
A complete A Glaze Marine Sealant Kit contains all that is needed a 30ft Flybridge Deck craft. Read More



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