Surface Preparation - Accessories

Masking Tape Anza Products
ANZA's leading position in the painting equipment industry is the result of long experience. Anza began making brushes as early as 1920 and added the other painting tools over the years. Read More


Masking Tape RedTree Products
Redtree manufactures a complete line of the finest tools compatible with all types of coating from marine paints to industrial finshes.  Read More


Masking Tape Omega Products
OMEGA is a leading brush maker since 1946. The famous OMEGA brand marks a complete range of high professional quality paint brushes and rollers and a wide selection of shaving brushes and gift sets, both in bristle, pure badger or synthetic fibres Read More


Masking Tape Awlgrip Deluxe Tack Rags
Deluxe Tack Rags are a premium tack rag used just before painting to remove the lightest dust or dirt from what would otherwise be considered a clean, ready to paint surface. Read More


Masking Tape 3M Doodle Bug System
For soft, medium and hard-duty cleaning and scrubbing.                                            Read More


Masking Tape 3M G2720 Glasses
3M G2720 Glasses                                                                                                            Read More


Masking Tape 3M 05967 Taped Masking Film
This high density polyethylene film is the most convenient way to mask around areas which require paint. Read More


Masking Tape 3M 06309 Scotch Masking Tape 2328
Heat resistance: 80°C, High edge tear resistance                                                Read More


Masking Tape 3M 06845 Hand Masker Draping Film (pre-folded)
Pre-folded, high-density, nonporous film for paint masking and paint overspray protection. Read More


Masking Tape 3M 2090b Blue Masking Tape
3M Scotch Safe-Release Blue Painters' Masking Tape 60 yds For Painted Surfaces & Glass                                                  Read More


Masking Tape 3M 4251 Respirator Mask
Unique integral construction respirator providing lightweight comfortable respiratory protection against a wide range of gases vapours and particulates                           Read More


Masking Tape 3M 4255 Respirator Mask
Protection against Organic gases with a boiling point above 65°C and good warning properties  Read More


Masking Tape 3M 8710 Mask
Standard 8710 mask. Reliable, lightweight and comfortable. Protects against particulates Read More


Masking Tape 3M 8812 Mask
3M 8812 Dust/Mist Respiratory Valved Face Mask                                                       Read More


Masking Tape 3M 9230 Mask
designed to help provide respiratory protection for the wearer.                                Read More


Masking Tape 3M Mixing & Measuring Cups
The 3M mixing cups come with fasten lids & offer different mixing ratios and scale in milliliters.                            Read More




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