TR Seapower Cleaner & Wax

The Seapower line of marine products includes all you need to maintain your hull, bright work and interior cabin spaces. TR Sea Power offer cleaners and waxes for the hull, a Protectant and UV blocker for your seats and cushions and a biodegradable bilge cleaner. For periodic maintenance we have a gentle wash and wax that cleans, protects and preserves the hull finish.


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Recommended as The professional one-step fiberglass boat cleaner wax! Cleans, waxes, seals and protects the fiberglass surface.
Main benefits Contains the finest Carnauba waxes and silicons. Removes oxidation, residue, dock marks, grease and dirt leaving behind a durable high-gloss finish. Excellent for hand or machine use.
Use on Shake well before using. For Hand Use: Wash or hose off surface to remove any loose dirt or gritty materials. Apply SeaPower Cleaner and Wax with a small piece of Turkish towel. Rub briskly in even overlapping circular motions. Allow to dry, and then remove haze with a clean soft cloth or toweling. Turn wiping cloth often to assure a brilliant luster. For Machine Use: Apply SeaPower Cleaner and Wax and buff a small portion at a time. Buff until clear and dry and when entire area is finished, wipe off excess with a clean soft cloth.
Package size Quart SQ-1 - Gallon SG-1
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