Seajet 039 Platinum

masking tape
Recommended for Highest fouling areas for all types of boats except aluminium. New advanced resin technology.
Main benefits Ultimate perfomance. Best anti-fouling performance. Two component product with complete release of antifouling agents. Ideal for warm and heavy foulings areas.
Number of coats per season  1
Can be applied to last up to-  Two seasons (3 roller coats)
Suitable for motor boats and yachts?  Yes, up to 40 knots
Suitable for aluminium  X
Suitable for fiberglass, wood and steel   VVV
Suitable for fresh water  X
Suitable for drying mud berths  X
Colours  Mid Blue, Navy Blue, Red and Black
Coverage rate   9,6m²/lt
Pack size  4lt, 2lt
Technical Data Sheet Download

  Key:  V Suitable     VV Very Suitable      VVV Ideal       X Unsuitable  


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