P3 Surface Restorer

masking tape
Product Info. The p3 Surface Care System provides the ideal solution to preservation, protection and performance.

It has been developed using new and unique formulations comprising a non-damaging, high-performance range of products.
Prior to the application of p3 Protective Glaze, it is important to restore and renovate the surface by effectively cleaning out the surface pores and removing swirl marks, holograms, oxidisation and minor scratches.

It is essential not to remove any good paint or gelcoat prior to protective coating application. Therefore it was imperative to create a non-abrasive surface restorer to avoid removing important protective layers and damaging the very surface which is to be protected.

p3 Surface Restorer contains very carefully selected grades of nano–particulate aluminium oxide suspended within a mobile compound. The crystal size is designed to restore the surface carefully by removing imperfections without cutting into it and causing damage to the paint or gelcoat.

The compound achieves this by gradually breaking down and liquefying before it reaches the stage where it could begin to cut into the surface. The result is a high gloss finish which provides the ideal foundation on which to apply p3 Protective Glaze.

Storage/ Package size

Store product in ambient conditions 5ºC to 30ºC. Protect from freezing
Package: 100 ml. – 1000 ml.

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