P3 Protective Glaze

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Product Info. The P3 Surface Care System provides the ideal solution to preservation, protection and performance. It has been developed using new and unique formulations comprising a non-damaging, high-performance range of products. P3 Protective Glaze is designed to preserve and protect.

It provides UV and IR protection without penetrating the surface, while maintaining a high gloss finish on either gelcoat or paint.
p3 Protective Glaze contains three carefully selected and sophisticated fluorinated compounds which create the core of the surface protection. These elements cross-link (pull tight when curing) to give strength and wear resistance to the coating so that it is very difficult for any other chemical structure to gain access and break down the coating.

The molecules in the coating are 'unsociable' and do not wish to associate with other atoms such as those evident in dirt and water. p3 Protective Glaze therefore has exceptional stain and water resistance.
Included in the glaze is a nano particle UV barrier which helps stop the harmful UV rays from entering the coatings on a vessel's surface – it is UV which causes oxidation of the paint and gelcoat which appears as 'fading'.

This nano-barrier is complemented by two UV absorbers which eliminate any persistent oxidizing free radicals which may have penetrated the coatings. In so doing it prevents these free radicals, which create ozone, a highly reactive substance, from breaking down the bonds in the paint or gelcoat.

The polymers and components of p3 Protective Glaze are carefully blended to give even dispersion of the additives thereby ensuring optimum clarity and surface finish.
p3 Protective Glaze also utilizes specific silane linking agents within its formulation, chemically enhancing the bond to the prepared surface creating a long-lasting protective coating.
Hard waxes and acrylics are incorporated into the coating to provide a high gloss finish and increased abrasion resistance.

Storage/ Package size Store product in ambient conditions 5ºC to 30ºC. Protect from freezing
Package: 100 ml. – 1000 ml.
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