P3 Performance Shampoo

masking tape
Product Info. Used on a regular basis the Performance Shampoo will maintain and prolong the integrity of the protective coating.
Developed to preserve all surfaces treated with p3 Protective Glaze, when used on a regular basis this shampoo will maintain and prolong the integrity of the protective coating.P3 Performance Shampoo is cationic in nature as pollutants typically carry a positive charge and therefore airborne soil, dirt and salt water are repelled from the treated surface by the induced positive charge.
Benefits The shampoo's nano particles displace water and accelerate the sheeting effect so that when washing the vessel the rinsing process is completed efficiently thereby reducing the potential effect of spotting and streaking.
The p3 range also includes specially formulated products designed to give equally impressive results when applied to glass and stainless steel as well as fabrics and materials used in biminis, awnings, tenders and fenders.
Storage/ Package size Store product in ambient conditions 5ºC to 30ºC. Protect from freezing
Package: 100 ml. – 1000 ml.
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