P3 Deep Clean

masking tape
Product Info. For marine use it is important that an environmentally sensitive solution is deployed.
Application Prior to any surface restoration treatment, organic and mineral stain removal is carried out using p3 Deep Clean in order to avoid working existing contaminants into the surface. This removes the risk of forcing salts and other pollutants deeper into the surface coating.
Deep cleaning of the surface prior to the preparation and application of p3 Surface Restorer is paramount as over time soot, grease and exhaust deposits will naturally accumulate and these must be removed.

p3 Deep Clean deploys an environmentally sensitive solution that is caustic-free and classified as non-hazardous and can safely be used on sensitive alloys or paintwork and yet sufficiently powerful to remove heavy staining.
Storage/ Package size Store product in ambient conditions 5ºC to 30ºC. Protect from freezing.
Package: 100 ml. – 1000 ml.
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