P3 Products

The P3 Surface Care System has been developed specifically for the marine environment. The goal was to produce a Surface Care System for all classes of boats and materials which would protect and preserve new coatings as well as restore those which had deteriorated through normal wear and tear. The process will result in a durable high gloss surface finish with excellent water sheeting qualities. With correct application and shampooing the process will last for more than 12 months even in the harsh Mediterranean environment.

Masking Tape P3 Deep Clean
Prior to any surface restoration treatment, organic and mineral stain removal is carried out using P3 Deep Clean in order to avoid working existing contaminants into the surface.  Read More


Masking Tape P3 Surface Restorer
P3 Surface Restorer has been developed using new and unique formulations comprising a non-damaging, high-performance range of products. The surface is burnished by hand or machine and as the Restorer breaks down an increasingly fine surface profile is created which is the ideal substrate for the P3 Protective Glaze. Read More


Masking Tape P3 Protective Glaze
The P3 Protective Glaze is a nylon coating that mechanically bonds to the prepared surface. Despite being only 2-5 microns thick the cured coating will mainain appearance and performance for more than 12 months.   Read More


Masking Tape P3 Performance Shampoo
Used on a regular basis the Performance Shampoo will maintain and prolong the integrity of the protective coating. An economic and effective general puropse shampoo speciall formulated to enhance the life of the P3 applied system. Read More


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