Epifanes Products

Epifanes The words finest yacht coating for over 100 years.

Since 1902, Epifanes has been setting the highest starndards of paint quality in beauty, conservation and performance. Through state of the art technology and the use of finest ingredients, we ensure Epifanes Yacht Coatings will always be the choice for those who demand quality


Masking Tape Epifanes Bilge Paint
Epifanes has paint systems for  many yachting applications and are available in both One and Two-Component systems.  Read More


Masking Tape Epifanes Varnish
The Epifanes Varnish systems offer complete solutions for all brightwood applications for exterior and interior use. From classic single pack products to complete two pack systems, Epifanes has every varnish product required Read More


Masking Tape Epifanes Seapower Cleaners & Wax
EPIFANES-Seapower cleaning agents are long established products, deployed to clean and maintain boats for many years. EPIFANES has the most effective product for every surface - cleaning and wax treatment on a regular basis does not only keep the boat tidy but also protects it permanently against dirt and dilapidation. Read More


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