Anza Products

ANZA's leading position in the painting equipment industry is the result of long experience. We began making brushes as early as 1920 and added the other painting tools over the years. In this way, a peerless body of know-how has been passed along to our well-qualified co-workers. 


Masking Tape Anza 2000 Varnish Brush
Good quality, general purpose, brush for use with all types of paint and varnish  Read More


Masking Tape Anza Elite Varnish Brush
 This Anza Elite Brush is best for use with two-part paint, varnish and epoxy products.                                         Read More


Masking Tape Anza Paint Scraper Blades
Anza scraper blade replacements for use with the Anza scraper blades.                        Read More


Masking Tape Anza Paint Trays
Rigid plastic Anza paint trays.                                                                              Read More


Masking Tape Anza Scrapers
A good quality paint scraper with reversible blade.                                            Read More


Masking Tape Anza Wide Filling Knife
Ergonomic two-component handle and blade of stainless steel.                                             Read More


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