Maintenance Issues Solved

A Glaze surgery - Prescribing the perfect remedy for keeping your boat looking pristine

Many potential customers and existing customers do not always know which are the best product to use in solving maintenance issues. On this page we have tried to give advice on what Aglaze products can achieve in solving many of these issues. All products described below are available to purchase by calling one of the Dockshop team.


Yellowing on hull Remove with Heavy duty hull cleaner
Scuff marks on decking Remove with eradicator sponge or deck cleaner
Mildew on canopy Remove with the canvas canopy cleaner and stop regrowth with out new formula fabric protector/water proofer
My boat has become chalky and has lost it's colour First use the Pre Cut with a machine if possible – up to max 1800 revs. Then use our prep and additional coats of glaze, around 50% as you need to fill the pores to stop fading. Call for further info and assistance on quantities or for advise on 01795 592640 from one of our team.
Lack of shine on GRP Short term remedy – Speed Finish, Long term remedy – Marine A Glaze kit
Marks on vinyl seating Remove with the Nano Kit and seal with vinyl and leather protector
Diesel smells in cabin Extinguish with Air Purifier
Mildew growing in cabin during winterisation Wipe out with air purifier – if mildew on the canopy wash with canvas canopy cleaner and then seal with fabric protector
Cleaning Fenders Clean with fender restorer and protect with fender and dinghy sealant to keep pristine
Black Streak Marks Marine preparation for stubborn marks or eradicator sponge
Dullness/flatness to GRP Cut back with precut and protect with marine kit
Restoring stainless steel cleats Metal polish and then seal with stainless steel sealant to stop future oxidisation.
Rust stains on GRP Deck cleaner/hull cleaner/eradictor sponge – depending on the depth of the stain
Protecting carpets and upholstery Fabric protector/Water proofer
Teak decking has turned grey Use the teak care kit to replenish colour and if required seal with teak sealer
Limescale stains on shower screen Clean and seal with crystal vision
Poor vision on windscreen when raining/travelling at speed Clean and seal with crystal vision and reduce the need to use windscreen wipers.
Leather seating has cracked Repair with our leather kit.
The boat is dull when i wash it Stop using jif or fairy liquid as you are harming the surface of the boat – use wash n shine shampoo which contains a small amount of glaze. Speed Finish will bring back the gloss for a short term fix.
My tender is always dirty Clean with our rib and dinghy cleaner and an eradicator sponge and then seal with our rib and dinghy sealant.
Plastic/vinyl windows are dull and i cannot see through them PVC restorer will replenish them and create a clear window again. This will also fill in surface scratches.
Polycarbonate hatches are scratched PVC restorer will fill in surface scratches however if the crazing in inside the polycarbonate there is nothing we can do with the scratches.
My boat in painted and i am planning a respray Resprays can cost an enormous amount of money – A Glaze reduces the need for a respray as it prolongs the life of the paint work. For example a narrow boat could be £8000 for a respray – when costing how much glaze is needed you could be looking at as little as £400.00 – what a saving!
My boat has antifoul and is taken out at the end of each season One tip we discovered from a customer at the Boat show who has a small boat and takes it out at the end of the season to give it a basic coat of antifoul is to use the heavy duty hull cleaner neat and leave on for a prolonged period of time to remove the thin layer of antifoul – he said it saved him hours of work!
My canopy has green stains from algae Use our new canopy cleaner which should remove the green staining Once you have the canopy clean please always seal it to stop the mildew and algae from returning using the new formula fabric protector.
Someone on the boat throws tea down the sink and doesn't wash it away so it has stained the GRP near to the sink outlet Why does no one ever admit to this!!! We have found the best way to remove this stain is either by using the eradicator sponges in the nano kit as the nano lubricant just aggitates the stain more or if it is quite bad use the marine preparation or if access is limited dilute Hull Cleaner and brush on. Hose off after 10 mins.
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