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AGlaze Marine Sealant

Unfortunately it has taken me some time to get around to using AGlaze due to work commitments but all I can say is the results are truly amazing. I have never used a product like AGlaze before but I think I have tried all of the “standard” compound and wax products on my blue hulled Lagoon Power and none of them even come close to the finish achieved by using AGlaze. The finish I am getting is hard to describe it is a hard, glass like, shiny surface and almost like new.

Mr Jack - Thailand

I finally finished Sunseeker 76. Ten years old, weather is horrible here. I am very pleased with the AGlaze. EXCELLENT product. THAT’S IT!

John R

Customer TestimonialCustomer TestimonialCustomer TestimonialCustomer Testimonial

I have been using your AGlaze system on my Broom Ocean 31 for nearly 5 years. The results have been amazing, getting better year on year.

Keith B

Customer Testimonial

My Bayliner has never looked so good

Customer in New Zealand

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My 8 year old has been brought back to life thanks to Marine AGlaze

Peter W

Customer Testimonial

This craft was subject to intense UV degrogation.

Customer TestimonialCustomer Testimonial

Completed AGlaze application


Comments On Teak Care System

Bought AGlaze teak treatment at the boat show. Pricey but they convinced me it would work.

Having been conned into all sorts before, I’m staggered at just how well. Only thing to watch – don’t touch any vinyl, especially white seats, with the stuff on your gloves as it stains it and is hard to remove.

It’s a two part treatment, the first lifts the grime and the second bleaches it – you have to do a patch at a time as I have done in the pic. No hard rubbing, it was really easy with a pan scourer.

There were all sorts of stains on the teak, some spilt diesel and hot nandos barbecue sauce were the worst. It was drying nicely too but was still too damp to photograph when I left.

Mark T – Marlow, Bucks

Customer Testimonial

Photo taken during treatment

Customer TestimonialCustomer Testimonial

After Treatment


Comments On Other AGlaze Products


I have been using the teak cleaning system for 3 years now in Asia and have found the product to be excellent. The Teak Sealer was also a welcomed product which I tested for AGlaze and found it preserved the colour for up to 6 months before I needed to start re applying. Great product and great results. MR L- Hong Kong


This sponge seemed to remove marks and stains that would normally require some quite harsh chemicals. In fact we managed to remove some marks from vinyl seating that all previous attempts, using a variety of vinyl cleaners had failed to shift. The possible uses for the sponge are endless, so it would make sense to have one on board to complement your existing cleaning kit. Motor Boats Monthly who gave the eradicator sponge 5 out of 5 for their tried and tested section.


We use hull cleaner to wash the boat first and have found this cuts cleaning time – an excellent product
B. Payne – Marval Marine


In the harsh environment that we have in New Zedaland we have found by applying Vinyl & Leather protector to the seating and dashboard area of the boats, they suffer less fading from UV rays.
Mr A Gilder – Auckland, New Zealand


We love the wash n shine shampoo as it stays frothy all day long and really brings the boats up clean.
Richard Bates – MD Bates Wharf Marina

Sail Ionian in Greece use our wash n Shine product all year to maintain their fleet of yachts. “We have been using AGlaze now for 6 years and have our yachts looking great all year round with ease of maintenance. We use the wash n shine regularly to give them a wash prior to hand over’s which brings the yachts up like new every time. 
Chris Bingham Sail Ionian Greece


I use this on my boat in Turkey to protect the fenders whilst I am out of the country. It really has made a difference as when I return to the boat I do not spend all of my time cleaning them and subsequently cleaning the black streak marks from my boat.
Mr L Lord – London

Comments On AGlaze Marine Sealant

This weekend we completed our first AGlaze treatment on a two year old x35 (x-boats of Denmark). She was well cared for but had slight loss of gloss on the topsides, black lines and polish swirls. The decks had the inevitable ‘black sole’ rubber scuffs, rope marks, sticker and tape residue, slight rust staining, gelcoat discolouration (yellowing) from areas unprotected by her deck cover and ingrained stains from rain-borne pollution. She wasn’t a particularly dirty boat, or so we thought until completing the treatment.

To be best able to judge their effectiveness, we used exclusively AGlaze brand products:

  • Wash N Shine shampoo
  • Marine Deck Cleaner
  • Eradicator Sponge and Lubricant
  • Marine AGlaze Surface Preparation
  • Marine AGlaze Sealant

From start to finish took a team of two, 2 full days. All products were applied by hand, as this was our first project with AGlaze and we wanted to feel the characteristics of each product.

We used a steam cleaner on the deck before applying any products. The results were spectacular. Our customer was very impressed and very happy. In his words “Unbelievable!”.

Crispin T - Japan

Customer TestimonialCustomer TestimonialCustomer Testimonial

Pretty Good we think. A great product, many thanks.

Brian and Jennifer N

Customer Testimonial

Before and after demo on M.Y.AMBROSIA. The yacht has now been completed. See the amazement on the crews faces. Easier to clean now guys!

Customer Testimonial

Before / After “Oh no what a difference!”

Before and after using AGlaze Metal Restorer and Stainless Steel polish. Brilliant as usual with all your products.

Geoff G

Customer TestimonialCustomer Testimonial


I have now used AGlaze on my yacht here in Turkey and am enclosing some photos so you can see the results. I think the photos speak for themselves, showing the “before” and “after”.

Ray G - Turkey

Before treatment:

Customer TestimonialCustomer TestimonialCustomer Testimonial

After treatment:

Customer TestimonialCustomer Testimonial


My favourite product is Marine AGlaze.

Tony Jones, Motor Boat and Yachting

Boats we have monitored have retained a healthy shine well throughout the winter months.
Motor Boats Monthly

My Teak deck has never stayed this colour for so long. A great product and would definitely recommend.
Mr L - Hong Kong

We must say that Marine AGlaze craft sealant system is a fantastic product.
Jet Skier and Watercraft Magazine

We’ve inspected several boats coated with Marine AGlaze last year and they all look remarkably good.
Peter Caplan – Boat Mart

My Boat’s not a new one but she’s looking the best she has in years after treatment with AGlaze.
Mr Castle – London

I went down to look at the boat on Friday to see how she looked – Amazing!!! I will be pleased to promote your products.
Mr B – South of England ref: Targa 50

A quick rinse down is all our boat now needs after each trip out, the AGlaze keeps her looking perfect.
Mr & Mrs Dowling – Dublin

So nice to see a product that lives up to ALL its claims. This is a fantastic product and the people are great to deal with. I no longer polish my boat, I just watch others struggling with theirs!
Geoff Gritton – Brightlingsea, Essex

Not only was the application easy and trouble free but the finished results were amazing. I have never seen a ‘blue-hulled’ boat look so fantastic – a truly mirror finish. It also has the added benfit of making the washing of the boat so much easier. No more stubborn black streaks! We have also used your protectors on all the canvas, fenders and tender. All great products.
Mr G. Martin – Kent


Comments On AGlaze From Superyacht Captains

An AGlaze test piece was conducted during the summer of 2004 with impressive results. Which reduced the ingress of exhaust fumes within the paint, aided the process of cleaning the hull and super structure. After 7 months of having the product applied we are still impressed with the results and shine. The finished product once applied enhances any paint work and has aided Rahal’s crew to maintain the high standards this industry requires for its owner.
Hamish Burr – MY RAHAL

In Spetember 2004 the transom and exhaust areas of M/Y Tugatsu had the AGlaze Paint Protection system applied. The areas mentioned had, as always, suffered from paint degradation due to the exhaust fumes continually bellowing down the side of the hull and around the stern. We found that the application of the AGlaze system immediately and dramatically improved the appearance of the vessel. Prior to A Glaze being applied, the stern areas of TUGATSU had to be re-painted annually, however this year, no such work is needed as the AGlaze system has withstood a a busy season and fortunately TUGATSU does not need re-painting, which helps us enormously as the vessel is for sale.
Matthew Marlow – MY TUGATSU

During the spring of 2004, RMP Marine were commissioned to polish and treat Aladina with their AGlaze finishing/protection system. Before they started the gel coat on the boat was very aged and matt causing us to have great difficulty keeping it clean. After 2 weeks of polishing the finish was almost back to a new condition, the AGlaze system appears to have withstood the elements and cleaning products applied throughout the season.
Scott Walton – MY ALADINA

The yacht looks better now than on the day of delivery by the yard, on the areas of most fading the team worked tirelessly to ensure we were completely satisfied. Their work exceeded my expectations and I will not hesitate to use them in the future.
Stuart Andrews – MY LADY LUCK

Phryne is a 50mt Perini Navi Sailing Yacht with a blue hull and white superstructure. After completing a two year circumnavigation, Phryne was almost ready for a complete paint job….I decided to go ahead with the treatment (AGlaze) starting with the blue hull during our yard period. We could see immediately how well the system was giving depth and returning the original gloss to our Perini blue hull. I would certainly recommend this treatment to other Captains as this has certainly extended the life of the paint work on Phryne.
Captain Stuart Bird – MY Phryne


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