Aglaze for Super Yachts


Marine AGlaze has developed a Superyacht Glaze which is used for painted surfaces only. The aim is to protect the painted surfaces which have an extremely thin layer of paint as well as enhance the finish thus reducing maintenance costs throughout the season. This is totally different from our regular AGlaze sealant as it has been tested by large paint manufacturers for warranty purposes.

If you are treating a superyacht that is made from GRP you will need to buy the Marine Glaze GRP in 1 litre bottles which has been upgraded for professional use making it easier to apply with the mop system.

Superyachts of this nature are normally chartered and always need to be looking their best at all times. AGlaze can achieve this after one application with a top up inspection annually


We are pleased to report that a number of super yacht paint manufacturers have tested Aglaze products and have concluded that the AGlaze systems do not damage or harm their paint system.

We now have available a new Superyacht hull cleaner which works extremely well with painted surfaces to remove exhaust stains and soiled areas. Please note this is not the same product as our regular hull cleaner.



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