Epifanes Varnish

Masking Tape Epifanes Clear Varnish
A clear, high gloss, traditional one component varnish, based on tung oil, phenol and alkyd resin with excellent outdoor durability, containing an ultra violet filter protecting the wood against discoloration.  Read More


Masking Tape Epifanes PP Varnish Extra
A hard, two-component build up varnish with excellent filing properties based on alkyd resin and isocyanate Read More


Masking Tape Epifanes Rubbed Effect Varnish
A quick drying, clear, one-component, interior satin finish, based on a poly-urethane/alkyd resin.  Read More


Masking Tape Epifanes Poly-Urethane Clear Gloss Varnish
A high gloss, two-component, polyester saturated, aliphatic urethane finish with excellent outdoor durability. Contains a UV-filter Read More


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