West System G Flex Epoxy Repair Kit 650 K

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The 650-K kit contains 4 oz. each of viscous liquid G/flex 650 resin and hardener. Mixing ratio is 1:1. It also includes two reusable mixing sticks/applicators, two 12-cc syringes, four grams adhesive filler (colloidal silica), four mixing cups, one pair disposable gloves, four alcohol cleaning pads and complete handling and repair instructions.

Mixing Ratio 1:1
Pot life 45 minutes @ 72°F
Working time 75 minutes @ 72°F
Reaches full strength in 1-2 days
Also includes:
  • 2 reusable mixing sticks/applicators
  • 2 12-cc syringes
  • 4 grams adhesive filler (colloidal silica)
  • 4 mixing cups
  • 1 pair disposable gloves
  • 4 alcohol cleaning pads
  • Complete handling and repair instructions
Hardner safety data sheet Download
Resin safety Data sheet Download
Video instructions Click Here




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