TDS EPOXY FFE-200 Fairing & bonding

masking tape
Product Info. TDS FFE-200 Universal Fairing & Bonding Epoxy is a custom blended epoxy mastic of high quality resins, activators and engineered fillers to yield a light weight, flexible and easily-sanded system used for both fairing of deck substrates and the final glue-down of deck panels or battens. Offers advantages over PU bonding systems with greater working times, gap filling and fewer processes when fitting teak decks. 
Main benefits The viscosity of the TDS FFE-200 is formulated to be high enough to stay in place when used for fairing, but low enough to provide excellent wet-out for bonding. The TDS FFE-200 Fairing & Bonding Epoxy will cure in temperatures as low as 7º C. Best working temp. 10-30º C
Product codes FFE-200
Pack size 5,68L & 11,36L kits on bags + 7,57L kit on bucket.
Directions Approx use per m2 1,25 litre, glued to a fair surface.
SAFETY  DATA SHEET Base Resin Download
SAFETY  DATA SHEET Activator Download


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